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CyberSecurity Awareness


When should you care:

  • Your users are not conscious of the risks, they believe cyber incidents only happen to others

  • Your users don't observe cybersecurity hygiene rules (they use trivial passwords) or fall into traps (they click on phishing emails attachments)

  • Your users need training on cyber security topics


Make all your users know why and how they should access your Information Systems securely


Introduce the threats and attack vectors to your users

Demonstrate, in a pragmatic way, that secure behaviour is affordable on a daily basis

Refer to both professional and personal life in parallel


  • Engage with all users: whether they are new comers in the Company, Managers or even ExComm Members.

  • Adapt your communication to your audience (eg: distinguishing Administrators, Developers, Engineers and regular users) to make sure that your messages are properly understood and accepted

  • Make users your Ambassadors, by ensuring that your messages are simple and repeated enough

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