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CyberSecurity Governance & Transition CISO


When should you care:

  • You haven't appointed a CISO (or he/she has left)

  • You are not confident that your partners protect your Information System

  • Your policies are not used or you haven't defined them

  • Your Execs don't know the basics of your Information System protection

  • You don't have a multi year strategy, your protection is opportunistic

  • You care / are not confident about your resilience to tomorrow cyber threats


Manage and coordinate CyberSecurity throughout your Company and Partners


Help you to design, implement and manage CyberSecurity teams, and make sure to liaise with all necessary contacts, either within or outside of your organization. Avoid relying on technology but make sure to address organization and processes.



  • Manage the risks, your policies, budgets, talents and partners.

  • Report & Align, produce dashboards, that are useful for your Executives and various Businesses.

  • Enable Execs to use CyberSecurity as a real business enabler and even as a competitive advantage.

  • Establish a Vision & Transform to engage your teams and partners, using a multi-year strategy, including necessary tactics. Define, follow and adjust your plan.

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