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CyberSecurity Incidents
Crisis Management


When should you care:

  • You are not confident in your level of resilience in case of major cyber-attack (eg: ransomware)

  • You haven't defined a proper cyber attack severity scale

  • You don't have an Incident Detection & Response Plan

  • You don't have a Crisis Management Plan (or you haven't tested it)

  • You are under attack and need expert coordination in your response


Preparation, practice and execution of incidents and crisis management


Define various levels of severity of an incident, along with the various processes

Implement necessary technologies

Connect with appropriate partners


  • Avoid improvisation as all necessary processes are defined, validated, communicated and rehearsed

  • Proper coordination of all teams involved 

  • Reduced impact of any live incident

  • Engage with Executives and make them trust in the ability of the Company to cope with cyber incidents

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